Sigfried's Smelly Socks! Reviews

"A crowd-pleasing festival of fetid things..." - Kirkus Reviews

Winner of the 2018 Moonbeam Children's Book Award!

Winner of the 2018 Mom's Choice Awards:

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Online Book Club Four Star Review:

There’s a horrible smell coming from somewhere inside Siegfried’s book and we get to come along as he investigates (and smells many things) to find it. 

I actually scrolled past this book at first, while trying to decide what to read next, but my kids (who were peeking over my shoulder) promptly stopped me. I’m so glad they did! We read about Siegfried and his smelly quest several times in a row and were all equally - and suitably - disgusted and delighted in turn. 

In my experience, quite a few children’s books end up being a torture for the poor parents who are forced to read them time and time again - especially if they are written in verse. Fortunately, this is not the case with Siegfried’s Smelly Socks. Len Foley, who is both the author and the illustrator of the book, does a wonderful job of keeping both parents and children interested. Part of the appeal is that it’s quite long for a children’s book (about 27 pages) and though it’s written mostly in rhymed little verses, the topic is surprising enough not to let that subtract from the overall experience of the book. The illustrations are a mix of fun and quirky drawings and real-life objects; usually on a white background, which really makes the bright colors pop.

Apart from being thoroughly entertaining, Siegfried’s Smelly Socks also manages to be educational; especially for smaller kids. At times it teaches by showing what not to do, which can spark interesting conversations with your children. At other times it pairs objects of a certain color with the name of the color. Unfortunately, there is a mistake in one of these cases, where the word “blue” is actually in a purple hue (the exact same hue as the the word “purple” on a subsequent page). I only found one spelling mistake (a letter was omitted), although for a book with this little text, one mistake is plenty!

The small errors previously mentioned notwithstanding, I was pleasantly surprised by this little book! I give Siegfried’s Smelly Socks four out of four stars and would really recommend it to parents of younger children. I have a feeling that the smelly and dirty parts would be especially appealing to boys, although my girls were very entertained by them as well. It’s a keeper!